Kirribilli Concerts – Role of the Organiser

Preparing for your concert

Secure performance items for your concert. Progressively send details of these to George Carrard for him to put on the website.

Confirm that all performers are financial members of ACMS. Advise non-members that they must join or become financial before the day of the concert. For those who are not members or who are unfinancial, provide them with a membership form or advise them to download it from

Build a program of up to about 90 minutes’ duration, which would include an interval of about ten minutes and a few minutes’ introduction and concluding remarks. Playing time would therefore be around 75 minutes, but this is flexible. In such a concert format, ask your groups to consider the length of individual items.

Arrange the items into an interesting and varied program. As we are a chamber music society we accept ensembles rather than solo items.

Performers playing copyrighted music should play from original notation.

Use the template from the website to produce the printed program (double sided). Organisers may wish to publish program notes about the works in their program. These should be provided by you or the individual groups, but are not mandatory. Felicia Mitchell (9661 6732) can assist with the production of the program, but not its printing.

Email the program to the Coordinator, to the Editor of Tutti, currently Graham Cormack and to George Carrard who will put it onto the ACMS website.

The current Coordinator is Tony Tenney 9918 8555 or 0400 635 607

· Print 40 copies of the program and bring them to the concert, OR

· contact the Kirribilli Centre and arrange for the Centre to print the programs, and make arrangements for their collection on the day, OR

· email the program to the Coordinator who will arrange printing.

If costs are incurred and you require reimbursement, advise the Coordinator before the beginning of the concert. You will be reimbursed from door takings.

Be at the venue no later than 4.30pm for a 5.00pm start.

As necessary, liaise with the Manager of the Kirribilli Centre on 9922 4428

Concerts are held in the upstairs gallery which is available to us for sound checks and rehearsal from 3.00pm. Sound checks should conclude by 4.45pm to allow patrons to enter the gallery. If any of your groups wish to rehearse at other times, you or they may be able to arrange this through the Centre Manager.

On the day

You or a spokesperson for one of your groups welcomes people to the concert and thanks them for supporting ACMS, which in turn supports the Kirribilli Centre. Advise the audience that all funds go to the Centre, not ACMS. The Coordinator will do this if you prefer.

The audience should be advised that there will be a short (ten minute) interval and be invited to stay for light refreshments (wine, cheese, nibbles) at the conclusion of the concert.

The President and/or the Coordinator are usually present. They will oversight Centre representative Maureen Greening’s 0415 109 736 collection of the door takings and distribution of programs to concert goers.

Maureen is also our caterer and is responsible for opening and closing the Centre. Confirm with Maureen that she has the catering in hand. This includes cheeses, dips, fruit, biscuits and orange juice. Either before the concert or at interval you need to buy wine from the bottle shop just around the corner in the shopping centre. Maureen will give you the money from the proceeds later. The usual order is 3 bottles of white, 3 bottles of red but you can adjust that according to the weather and audience size. This is usually enough for a full house. Obtain a receipt from the bottle shop. There might be ACMS wine in stock at the Centre. Maureen will advise on this. If at interval you realise that you have a bigger crowd than usual you might need to buy some extra bottles. Naturally the choice of wine is from the best specials available. You can of course delegate this task to one of the other players on the day.

In the rare event that neither the President nor the Coordinator is in attendance, it becomes the Organiser’s responsibility to carry out the tasks described above, or to delegate them to another person.

Introduce each item, or arrange for one performer from each group to announce their own item. Organisers may consider publishing program notes about the works in the program. Items with published program notes optionally may or may not be announced. Advise them that any additional information they provide to the audience should be brief and pertinent.

At the conclusion of the concert, ask patrons to assist by stacking the chairs against the wall. Ensure that the collapsible tables are brought out to the gallery and set up for supper. At the conclusion of the light refreshments, ensure that the trestle tables are returned to the room next to the Green Room.

If you have any difficulties or an emergency arises, contact the Coordinator in the first instance and then, if necessary, the President, currently Jenny Allison, on 9955 3387.

Thank you for taking on this very valuable role.

ACMS Committee