ACMS masterclass  Saturday 17 April 2021


The program begins with Rachel Scott as tutor.

The string group is:

Sheila Fitzpatrick violin 1

Jenny Allison violin 2

Lynn Dalgarno viola

Anne Stevens cello.

They are playing Beethoven Op. 18 No. 1 1st movement.

This masterclass can be viewed at:


rachel teaching



The tutor for the wind group is Jocelyn Fazzone.

Woodwind group comprises:

Cathy Fraser (flute)

 Liz Nurthen (oboe)

Andrew Kennedy (clarinet)

Paula Stokes(horn)

Petrina Slaytor (bassoon)

They are playing the Ibert quintet Trois pièces Brèves.

This masterclass can be viewed at:


Interview with Rachel Scott

You have asked for a group which has learnt a piece and rehearsed it together as a preliminary to having the masterclass.

Why is that?

When you give a masterclass, the idea is to take people further in their learning.  You can’t do that if people are sight-reading, even if they are the best sight-readers in the world.  You want them to rehearse so that they know their part but also so that they know the other parts. You want them to have a basic familiarity with the intentions of the composer so that things can be explored in detail.


How do you approach getting a group to become an ensemble?

You discuss phrasing and musical breathing so that all the players have the same musical concepts in mind.  Every player plays slightly differently just as every person speaks slightly differently.  In playing together the players have to learn how their fellow ensemble players ‘speak’.  You play better with certain people but it takes a certain amount of experience with others to work this out. This is true of professional players as well. The more you rehearse together the more you learn.


What do you think the ACMS viewers will get out of this?

They will have the chance to see teachers in action who they might not have encountered before themselves.   

It is a chance to learn from other people’s musicmaking. Often I know I am inspired by the learning experience of the performers more than I am by the teacher teaching.

Also I learn things from musicians who don’t play the cello.

And the audience have the chance to ask questions.


How do you see this resource being used in the future?

This will be a resource that can be accessed over and over again.  In two years time you might be playing the Beethoven, in which case you can sit down with a glass of wine in hand and listen to this masterclass and consider that to be a rehearsal for your own performance. And you are a glass of wine to the good as well!