Canberra Playing Days -- 2021

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 normal events are disrupted or sometimes cancelled.
There are some limited events being planned, under strict health guidelines.
Please follow the announcements.

Bookings are essential - by the deadline in table below.
Venue:  ANU School of Music. Meet in the level 5 foyer.
Cost (including afternoon tea):  $10
Dates (All Saturdays)         Time Book by:

19 June at ANU

1.15-5.00pm Wed 9 June



How to enrol for Canberra Playing Days

This is a NEW procedure, effective 5th March 2020.

Go to:   Members Area   

When you enter Members Area, and click "Sign in" you have these options, in order:

1. Sign in with username and password.  You will use this once you have registered, but NOT before.

2. "I want to register" (once only requirement for current members, and for new members)

3. "I forgot my password" (if you can't remember your password)

Follow this procedure:

For CURRENT ACMS members you must "Register" first. 

NOTE:  Registration is only done ONCE. Remember your username and password. (If, later on, you forget your password, go to option 3 above.)

Go to "I want to register" - option 2 above and click on it.  Input a username and password and complete at least the minimum information required. 

Please WAIT until you receive an email approving your registration.  When approved you can then Sign in -- option 1 above.

Next, Sign in and go to "Events" and scroll down to the relevant Canberra Playing Day for which you wish to enrol, then click "Enrol". Complete the form and finally click "enrol" to submit. 

You can also "edit" your enrolment, including deleting it, up until the deadline for enrolment.  Go to "Enrol/Edit" and follow procedure for enrolling.

For New Members, follow the procedure above, but you will need to pay a membership fee ($20/$15 concession) before your registration can be approved.

Check your Self-Grading playing level here:  Interactive Self-Grader.

Enrolment must be completed by the Wednesday 10 days before the playing day to allow for planning.  Canberra Playing Days cost $10 which includes afternoon tea. 

Participation is for ACMS members, but new players may attend their first session before joining ACMS. 

The afternoon consists of two sessions. You will play with one group of musicians 1.30 - 3 pm and with a second group 3.30 - 5 pm, meeting for afternoon tea and notices 3 - 3.30 pm.


Enrolling for a playing day is a commitment to be there on the day to play with your allocated group. Players who do not turn up will inconvenience the other players in the group, and make that group unworkable. So it is essential to inform before the playing day of any last minute unavoidable absences.


What to bring

  • All instruments (except pianos) that you have specified on your email/website signup page

  • Music stand (pianists excepted)

  • Music you intend to play if you are organising a group (negotiate this with CCMP by email when you register)

  • Tea mug. 

Any queries please contact    We look forward to seeing you at playing days.