Sydney Playing Days 2023

We will be holding another Double Playing Day at Wollongong Conservatorium in January 2023. We are also proposing to hold an In-Home playing day in May. Dates for events beyond January are yet to be confirmed. Watch this page and your email for updates.


Date Venue Status Registration due
28 - 29 January Wollongong Conservatorium Confirmed 13 January
12 March Barker College   26 February
21 May In Homes Confirmed 7 May
23 July PLC   9 July
17 September PLC   3 September


Note about Self-Organised Groups

  • You may self-organise sessions, however we would prefer that you keep at least one session free. This is to allow for some mixing of groups as well as avoiding extra constraints on the grouping process.
  • Ensure that you confirm all nominated group members BEFORE completing the application form.


Please enrol here:   Members Area

Self-Grading: Please check here using the Interactive Self-Grader.


Players who do not turn up will inconvenience the other players in the group, in some cases making that group unworkable. It is, therefore, essential to inform Ian Butler on 0423 293 728 before the playing day of any unavoidable absences so that the committee can provide alternative solutions.


9.30-9.50am Player Registration
9.50-10.00am Briefing
10.00-12.00pm First Playing Session
12.00-1.00pm Lunch
1.00-2.30pm Second Playing Session
2.30-3.00pm Afternoon Tea
3.00-4.30pm Third Playing Session

What to Bring

  • All instruments (except pianos) that you have specified on the enrolment form.
  • Music stand (pianists excepted)
  • Music which you intend to play if you are organising a group
  • Picnic lunch and tea mug.

What to do Before each Session

Before each session, please check the playing list to see:

  1. If any changes in groups have occurred.
  2. If you are designated to get the music for the group from the ACMS or other library. (Make sure that it is returned promptly after the session so that groups in the next session can use it.)
  3. If you are designated to check that the room is returned to its original condition after the playing session. This is an important task to ensure the ongoing use of our playing venues.


Tutoring is available at playing days. Inexperienced or timid players will be looked after and those attending for the first time will be made to feel welcome. Please tick the appropriate box on the Enrolment Form to request tutoring.

Details of Venues

  • Pymble Ladies College (PLC): Avon Road Pymble

    Close to Pymble Railway Station. The music building is located on the city side of the quadrangle. If travelling by car, enter via Gate 3 on Avon Road, park in the car parkand walk through to the Music Centre.

    Pymble Ladies College Map

  • Barker College, The Avenue (off Unwin Street), Waitara. NB The Avenue is blocked off for vehicles at the moment while construction work is happening. Park in Unwin Street and walk in.

    Barker College School Map

  • Abbotsleigh School, Pacific Highway, Wahroonga
    Free parking is available in Ada Avenue. For players with limited mobility, the Forum can have direct access from the senior management carpark (gate 2 off Ada Avenue). There is also one disabled parking space in this small carpark. There is one step into the Forum and Lecture Theatre.

    Abbotsleigh School Map

  • Wollongong Conservatorium of Music,  Gleniffer Brae,  near corner Murphys Ave & Robinson Rd, Keiraville NSW 2500

There is parking in the Conservatorium car park and in the street.