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NSW Amateur Chamber Music Society formed by Irwin Imhof, Nils Korner and Judy Mitchell contacting personal acquaintances and placing advertisements in newspapers and Musica Viva.

First Membership list (63), first meeting and Playing Day at Lane Cove Public School, November 1984. Irwin Imhof, Convener.

Membership grew to 86


Nils Korner, President.

First Annual General Meeting at the Ensemble Theatre June 1985, 27 members present.

Membership Fee $10.

Circulation of a membership list twice a year.

Playing Days $17

Self-grading questionnaire introduced.

John Pinn suggested establishing a library.

Nils Korner commissioned the Society logo.

Membership grew to 112.


John Pinn, President and administration. 

First Wollongong Music Camp, 44 participants. Played at Gleniffer Brae, lived at Kooloobong. Impromptu playing only at Kooloobong.

The Wollongong Music Camp was the brainchild of the late Nils Korner who was also a founding member of the society. It was he who had the idea for a residential music camp, and he who searched for suitable venues, ultimately finding the University of Wollongong and the Conservatorium of Music. Without his inspiration and diligence there would be no ACMS Wollongong Music Camp which has given so many members such pleasure over many years. We owe him a debt of gratitude.

Rod Tuson volunteered to produce the Newsletter.

Sunset Concerts at Kirribilli instigated at the suggestion of Sy Bluhm. $2 entry included wine and cheese. Concert on November 23 was followed by a Christmas party.

Membership Fee $15.00., Membership grew to 119


Wollongong Music Camp: 54 attended, cost $120. Used University Arts Centre with extra pianos transported from Gleniffer Brae.

Sunset Concert programs coordinated by John Pinn.

AGM at Glover Cottage. Membership 119.

Constitution incorporating the society, prepared by Stephanie Hicks and John Pinn and adopted with the name Amateur Chamber Music Society.

Cedric Ashton elected Honorary Life Member

Victorian and SA societies founded


Bicentennial Wollongong Weekend - 4 days for $144.00, 60 enrolled.

Catering for morning and afternoon teas started - Herta Imhof and Alexandra Tuson

Librarian role at Wollongong initiated - Walter Travers.

AGM at Glover Cottage. Membership 160

Sheila Caldwell took over coordination of the Sunset Concert programs.


Irwin Imhof, President. 

Wollongong, 80 attended

Incorporation registered under the Associations Incorporation Act.

AGM at Kirribilli, Membership 200. Miriam Hyde was guest speaker.


Rod Tuson, President.

Wollongong Music Camp was a 7 day event with options to attend the first 3 days, the second 4 days or all 7 days! Surprisingly it did not overcomplicate the groups.

The Jones family designed special T-shirts for the event.

Regional coordinators nominated.

AGM combined with Playing Day. Membership 197


Wollongong 92 attended

Membership 188

Sheila Caldwell handed over the Sunset concert coordination to Gary Nash.

Special Playing Day for inexperienced players.

First Membership Register printed in book form in November


Wollongong, 112 at the dinner

Membership 218. 

AGM held in conjunction with September Playing Day. Major editing of constitution.

Wolfgang Kloger took over the computer grouping for playing days.

T-shirts by Vivienne Jones (1990?)

Tried to encourage voice 

Gary Nash introduced a Membership Card, with Music Retailer discount benefits.

Graham Cormack appointed as Tutti editor 

Introduction of ACMS-sponsored half-hour chamber music programme on 2MBSFM, hosted by Julie Phillips-Moore


Carolyn Thornely, President

First printed edition of "Tutti" in January 1993. 

Wollongong 112 at the dinner

Membership 269.

John Pinn formalized his administration activities since 1986, in the new paid role of Administrator. 

Rachel Valler appointed an Honorary Life Member


Wollongong, 145 at the dinner

Membership drive - Gary Nash. Membership reached 336.

Library Index created - Gary Nash

Hugh Roberts took over Sunset Concert coordination.

Sunset concerts repeated at "Woodstock" Community Centre, Burwood - Christine Edwards

Ad Libitum Volume 1 - edited by Nils Korner


Murray Brown President . Membership 315. Fees $20 membership, $20 playing days

Special promotional entrance membership $15

Library taken over by Eve Salinas

Started paying a librarian at Playing Days


Membership 275

Vigorous attempt to attract more Professional interest and abandon the use of Amateur in our title

Judy Cormack took over as Administrator

Carolyn Thornely initiated the Mentor programme

Ad Libitum Volume 2 - edited by Nils Korner


Simon Salter, President

Vigorous debate on commissioning a chamber music composition

Another foray into attracting singers of vocal chamber music

Playing Day at Newcastle

Wollongong Subcommittee formed about this time


Website established - Fred Backer

Eva Griffith took up the Mentor Programme

Julian Dresser took over as Administrator in October.

Among Ourselves concerts initiated at "Woodstock" - David Mathers

Tried exposure to traditional folk music - Simon Salter 

Ad Libitum Volume 3 - edited by Nils Korner


Judy Mitchell , President. Membership 280

Blue Mountains Region and Subcommittee formed -Bill Johnson


The ACMS Kirribilli Sunset Concerts were suspended for a year, due to lack of available performers. However Judith Maynard filled the void by independently organising 3 concerts in April, July and October.

In July committee discussed a resumption. Three ACMS Kirribilli concerts were organised for 2001 by Jenny Allison.

Ad Libitum Volume 4 - edited by Michael Macey.


Sheila Caldwell, President

Cedric Ashton, Honorary Life Member, died. Memorial Fund purchased pocket scores for the Library

Sunset concerts resumed less frequently

Playing Day fees increased to $20

Library taken over by Cathy Wainwright and Jenny Williams

Attempt at initiating improvisation sessions - Fred Backer


Founding member Nils Korner died.

October: Master Class, organised by Richard Wilgoss, was given by Ronald Thomas. Chosen work: Beethoven String Quartet op18 No.6.  5 string quartets participated. Guidance notes were prepared by Richard.


Membership 280

Nils Korner Memorial Award instigated for Wollongong by Anne Korner

Introduction of "defined repertoire" playing days - Richard Willgoss

October 12, 2003: Master Class, organised by Richard Willgoss, tutored by Suzanne Borrett and Chris Bearman. Chosen work: Mozart String Quartet K590, his last quartet. 7 string quartets participated.


Elizabeth Dalton, President. 20th AGM. Membership Fee still $20

Website taken over by George Carrard

Irwin Imhof and Judy Mitchell accorded Honorary Life Membership in recognition of their roles as two of the three founders.


January Wollongong Music Camp - 129 attended.



Membership at June 2006: 289

January Wollongong Music Camp - 127 attended.

John Pinn accorded Honorary Life Membership in recognition of his role in putting the society on a firm foundation in the early years.


Sue Butler President

Membership at June 2007: 279

January Wollongong Music Camp - 146 attended.


Membership at June 2008: 290

Last Ravenswood Playing Day March. Ravenswood ceases to accept outside groups.

Found Wesley Institute at Drummoyne to be welcoming.

Wesley Institute used for playing days in May, July and September.

Grainger String Quartet workshop at Wesley Institute, Sunday Oct 12. Five string quartets and two piano trios. Four hours.

Wollongong Music Camp: 140 attended


January: Wollongong Music Camp - 143 attended

New website introduced on 14-March-2009.

Master Class for strings and piano held at Wesley Institute.

Queensland Amateur Chamber Music Society (QACMS) amalgamated with ACMS, and all members became ACMS members. 


January: Wollongong Music Camp - 129 attended. Introduction of a marquee in the grounds of Kooloobong for all evening meals was widely applauded. This was the 25th music camp at Wollongong!

Playing Days: March playing day venue change to MLC Burwood. PLC Pymble retained as well. Wesley Institute is unable to host outside organisations in future.

August 1:  Wind Master Class, organised by Richard Tardif, was held at MLC Burwood. Attended by about 20 players and 11 observers.


January: Wollongong Music Camp - 108 attended.  Participants were accommodated at the university's Campus East in Fairy Meadow due to renovations being done at Kooloobong. Rachel Valler became Patron of the society.

Playing Days: Two were held at The Kings School - a new venue, as well as two at PLC and one at MLC. MLC ceased to be used due to limited space. Attendance numbers continue to be moderate.


January Wollongong Music Camp - 115 attended. Accommodation was again at Campus East.

Concerts at The Independent Theatre commenced. These concerts have been made possible due to support and encouragement from the Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust.

The ACMS Facebook page was established.


January Wollongong Music Camp - 132 attended, including guest Elena Katz-Chernin. Accommodation returned to the Kooloobong units of the University.

Concerts at The Independent Theatre series continue with concerts in March, June, August and October.


February: Canberra Chamber Music Players joined ACMS.

February: Brisbane Playing Days are organised for this year at Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie), 68 Oaklands Parade, East Brisbane.

Concerts at The Independent Theatre continue with performances on 15th March, 14th June, 16th August, 18th October.

Membership at June 2014 has grown to about 350.

July 15: ACMS Co-founder Irwin Imhof died, aged 84.


July AGM: Jenny Allison, elected President

Sue Butler accorded Honorary Life Membership in recognition of her services to the society.

Survey done re Playing Days in an attempt to work out why the numbers were falling.

The ACMS Facebook page was established



Music camp held in January with the use of the New Kooloobong area. Regarded favourably.

Concerts which had been held a the Independent Theatre move to the Goethe Institute under the name of ‘Chamber Music Showcase’. The first concert was very successful.

Constitution amended to include The Administrator role.

Ian Butler accorded Honorary LIfe Membership in recognistion of his services to the society.


Membership over 300

New self-grader designed by Ian Butler and Ann Kwan.

Playing Day numbers dropped slightly although music camp was well attended.


Successful music camp accommodated totally in New Kooloobong.



The ACMS commissioned a piece of music in March 2019, suitable for both wind and/or string players.  After some discussion with various composers, Kris Spike took up the commission and wrote West Highland Wander.

Julian Dresser resigned as Administrator. He was accorded Honorary Life Membership.

Kirribilli concerts moved to 4 pm following on from new arrangements with the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre organised by Tony Tenney.


No AGM due to COVID.

All of the society’s activities ceased after February.

Sue Butler took over as President upon the resignation of Jenny Allison.

Jenny Williams resigned as Librarian.


The AGM was held as a Zoom meeting. Jenny Allison stepped down formally from the role of President and Sue Butler took over.  Les Blazer was the new Administrator. Paul Williamson took over the library.

In April a livestream tutorial was held for two groups, strings and wind. Rachel Scott and Jocelyn Fazzone were tutors. A video produced from it was placed on the ACMS YouTube channel.  This was followed by other masterclasses later in the year.

A successful in-home Playing Day was held on Novembver.