Usage of Library on Playing Day

**PLEASE NOTE:  Do not put items back into the library - always put them back in the return box.

The library no longer has a dedicated librarian.   The following arrangements make it possible to run the library without such a requirement.

In order to facilitate the use of the library on the playing day the following arrangements have been made:

  1. If the item is archived you must email and get a response that the item is available.
  2. All items are in numeric order and may be in the items box or return box.   If you retrieve an item from the return box please check its contents and bring it to the librarian's attention if anything is wrong.
  3. To borrow an item please register the item on the borrowing sheet.
  4. **When you have finished  playing please deposite the item in the return box in numeric order.
  5. At the end of the day it would be appreciated if some volunteers could help with packing up.   The following checks apply:
    • Ensure all items in the return box are complete.
    • Return items to the boxes.
    • Assist with transport of the boxes back to a vehicle.