What We Do

What does the Society do and how does it work?

Membership Listing

The Society maintains a database of members, which is accessible to financial members. The database contains the address, phone number, email address,  instrument played and self-grading of each member.

Thus, every member has access to a directory of a large number of amateur players, with widely varied experience, who all love to play chamber music and can be contacted.

Playing Days

These are held about once every 2 months, usually on a Sunday, in the Music Department facilities of one of the larger schools. There is a small fee charged to the participants to cover the costs of hiring the facilities. These events are very popular, normally attracting 70-80 players.

There are three sessions scheduled for the day, each lasting about 1.5 hours. A committee organises each session to have different combinations of ensembles. There is the facility for members to request specific works or groupings. Playing Days also offer the opportunity to play works which would otherwise be difficult to organise eg octets.

Tutors: Professional musicians provide tutoring for individual groups.

Although Playing Days are very popular, the Society encourages members to form their own ensembles and to play in their homes for their own enjoyment and the entertainment of their families and friends. This, after all, is what chamber music is all about.

Annual Music Camp

This is usually a 3-day event held at a university which can offer us student accommodation and a Conservatorium. Most players "live in", using the very comfortable accommodation in the student residential units. The format is similar to that of a Playing Day, with free sessions inserted to allow you to organise your own activities with newly found friends. The event is very popular, attracting over 100 musicians.

Concerts at Kirribilli

There are opportunities to play in chamber music concerts before a small audience. These are held most months of the year on the first Sunday of the month at 4.00pm at the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre.

President's Report

The President's Report is published four times a year, keeping everyone informed of the Society's activities.


Email is used to keep members up-to-date with events as well as for general communication.


The Amateur Chamber Music Society has a constitution, which is available here

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